In today's business environment, web presence is a "must". Whether it is a small static, brochure based site or a large dynamic, CMS based, with many end-user interaction features, its aesthetics, functionality, content quality and some other factors are going to decisively shape and define the business' image and standing in the market.

We offer solutions that satisfy your needs. This can be designed and developed from scratch according to your specifications or based on an existing template adjusted to your requirements, or even redesigned from an existing "neglected" or unsupported web site of yours. It can be a blog site or a fully functional business web site perfectly suited for your web marketing needs.


Static Website is perfect for small 'brochure' style mini-sites and sites that plan to stay unchanged for long periods of time, as they contain fixed code, and the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster.

Content Management System (CMS) allows you to save money in the long term by making basic content changes by yourself if you choose, as the content from the presentation and layout is separated.

The package includes:

• Home page layout (text and images provided by you)

• The Site is custom designed to your specifications

° Research and Information (competitive analysis, site structure, wireframes)

° Visual Design (prototype with one design direction/proposal and revisions) including content, graphic layout, basic graphics, color schemes, navigation and e-mail links

° email enquiring/contact form

° Page Coding (turning designs into HTML and CSS and any other code language per case)

° Testing of site on local server

° Upload to remote Host Server

° Optimization for search engines such as Google®

For additional fees, custom design graphics are available. These can be logos, photos, banners, animations, and interactive graphics. Additional images can be scanned and added.

Also, web support services and site maintenance can be provided.

Customer interaction forms and custom JavaScript functionality are available too.

The cost of domain name registration and site hosting (web space) for your site is NOT included in the package prices. For more details see the "Web Support Services" information on this page.

3-page example site 3-page example site 3-page example site


This option is for most small business clients or individuals wanting a web site but have budget constraints. In most cases, the site is built using a pre-made template with slight customization to fit the client's needs.

Both, a Static site or a Content Management System (CMS.) site can be built based on a pre-made template. There are a good number of free templates available to choose from.

Every year, the share of business performed via the web is rising enormously. A business that does not have a web based sales mechanism (e-commerce) is definitely losing sales opportunities. In today's busy way of life, more and more consumers turn to the web for a significant part of their shopping, saving time and money.

We offer solutions perfectly suited and adjusted to your business type. You can take full control of your e-shop and through its administration panel you can add products, change their prices, create new product categories, apply specific payment facilities for your customers, keep track of your sales and stock levels and many more.

The customers of the e-commerce site will be able to select and add products to their basket before proceeding to purchase the products/services. There are several different payment methods which can be used. The options which best suits your requirements will be discussed and agreed upon.

The E-commerce web site package will be updateable through a Content Management System (CMS). You will be able to update your own website through a system which makes it easy for you to update and change your website content including pictures, prices etc, as frequently as you wish.

Also, web support services and site maintenance can be provided as well as the update and management of the full product portfolio on your site, in case you are not in a position to do so on your own.

All Smarty e-commerce packages have the capability of unlimited product posts.

It is true that in the last years (and it will continue very much in the years to come), the web has become a significant part of the marketing plan for the majority of the businesses. The sharp rise in the penetration of the internet, and the capabilities it offers for communicating, has attracted much creativity, and has become a very important medium for image creation, awareness and promotion.

A variety of Web Marketing Services is on offer:

Internet Advertising Campaigns comprising of static banners, animated banners, and image galleries.

Advertising integration, such as Google AdSense® and Google AdWords®.

Content Creation taking into consideration Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

HTML e-mail template design, to reflect the business' identity in the best possible way towards the target customers.

Use of the Social Media for promotion to your target groups...

...and many more


web design and development picture

Today's business environment is very demanding. The expansion and penetration of the web has created the need for the individuals and business people to become "technology literate". It is true that to run and manage, in frequent intervals, a web site, requires specialized technological knowledge.

If you don't have the time or will to familiarize yourself with technology, and you have a web site, (blog, business site or even an e-shop) that needs to be updated frequently with content, new products, images, etc you can rely on us.

The Web Support Services we offer, also covers the solution of any technical issues and update of your web site with the continually changing SW design standards, keeping your site's performance and functionality at the highest possible level.

These services among others include:

• Domain Name Registration (2-yr registration)

• Web Hosting / year

• Maintenance (content update, site revision, site repair)

• Product update/addition for e-commerce site (Includes Setup)

• Metrics/Statistics: custom reports, site visitors statistics etc

• Addition of Dynamic Blog page(s) to existing web site

• Static-to-CMS site conversions

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